Andre Furguson

Andre Furguson

Birth place: Brooklyn, NY
D.O.B. 10-09-84
Height: 5’9″
Contest weight: 180lbs
Off season weight: 195lbs
Hobbies/interests: Everything fitness, reading, collecting sneakers

Body part: Back
Diet meal: 96% lean ground beef and asparagus
Cheat meal: Pizza, Ice cream
Movie: Coming to America
Quote: “Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen”– Michael Jordan

Mon: chest
Tues: mid/lower back
Wed: shoulders
Thurs: Legs
Fri: upper chest/shoulders
Sat: Lats and Squats
Sun: rest day

Diet: very basic high protein, low/moderate carbs, low fat. Tilapia or 96% lean ground beef, white rice or red potatoes, asparagus or broccoli

My stack:
-Lean charms
-Life shield
-Cyclic Dextrin
-Bcaas pink (lemonade or fire cracker)
-rhino black (jungle juice)