David Herskovitz

David Herskovitz

Dave Herskovitz


Birth Place – Boynton Beach Florida

Birthday – May 31, 1981

Height – 5’8”

Contest Weight – 168

Occupation – Government Contractor

Hobbies/Interests – Sports, TV, Movies, Training, Prep Coaching, Dessert Connoisseur


Body Part – Chest

Diet Meal – Oatmeal and egg white pancakes

Cheat Meal – Pizza, Donuts, Ice cream and Cookies

Movie – Rocky

Quote – “If you train hard, you’ll not only be hard, you’ll be hard to beat.”  – Herschel Walker


Monday – Back / Shoulders (light) / Abs

Tuesday – Legs

Wednesday – Chest /Abs

Thursday – Off

Friday – Shoulders (heavy) / Triceps

Saturday – Chest (light) / Biceps / Abs

Sunday – Off

My stack

Neurovol – For the freak in me, I love Neurovol!  With the NX5 Technology™ I am instantly more vascular and I get the craziest MONSTER Muscle Pumps. In addition, I get a pretty high dose of focus that only gets better when stacked with PreLean!

PreLean – I love preworkouts and this one has just about EVERYTHING in it!  I get crazy energy, laser focus and I can feel my metabolism kick up a notch with every done.  This stuff is just plain awesome!

Carnosyn® Beta Alanine Revolution – During my most strenuous workouts, I love adding in some extra beta-alanine!  It helps my strength and endurance no matter how hard I challenge my body!