Fernando Candeloro

Fernando Candeloro

Fernando Candeloro


Birth Place: Caracas, Venezuela

Birthday: April 20, 1988

Height: 5’9″

Contest Weight: Bodybuilding//Powerlifting 198lbs

Occupation: Personal Trainer//RKC Kettle bell//Nutrition Coach at Elite Edge Gym

Hobbies/Interests: lifting weights, traveling


Body Part: My quads

Diet Meal: Sirloin steak and sweet potatoe

Cheat Meal: cupcakes

Movie: Generation Iron//Pumping Iron

Quote: Eat, Sleep, Train, Repeat #powerbuilding


Monday: Legs

Tuesday: Chest

Wednesday: Back

Thursday: Arms

Friday: Shoulders

Saturday: Legs

Sunday: Rest Da

My Stack:

Lean Whey: great source of protein and digests quick so I can re cooperate after a long training session.

Neurovol: Gives me the pump and focus I need to hit my PRs

Rhino 2.0: Gives me the energy anytime I am feeling down. Makes my training sessions a lot more effective.