Jennie Cwikla

Jennie Cwikla

Birthplace – Memphis, Tennessee
Height – 5′ 5″
Contest weight – 75kg and under (150lbs)
Off-Season weight – 160/165
Occupation – Licensed Master Sports Nutritionist/ Owner Valkyrie Athletics
Hobbies/interests – Metal Concerts + anything that your grandma would do (quilting, cross-stitch, baking, etc.)

Body Part – DELTS!!!
Diet Meal – Sashimi Salad
Cheat Meal – Fish Taco’s
Movie – Death Becomes Her
Quote – Champions Breed Champions

World renowned Masters Sports Nutritionist and Worlds Strongest Woman Competitor, Jennie Cwikla is the owner of Valkyrie Athletics, which specializes in working with elite level athletes in a multitude of sports to prepare them for peak physical performance.

She began her career by working as one of Hollywood’s TV Infomercial secret weapons for rapid weight loss transformation before launching her own bootcamp & personal training studio in San Diego.

Cwikla currently serves on the Advisory Committee for Mueller College’s PFT program and is a Licensing instructor for the National Association of Sports Nutrition.


Strongman/CrossFit/Powerlifting – I train 1 event specific movement followed by 1-2 strength training exercises/sets, then I do about 3-4 accessory movments (bodybuilding style) usually always includes 1 ab exercise and then I end with some form of conditioning whether it be running, pulling a sled, doing a MetCon or cardio circuit, fliping tires, pushing a prowler/sprints, etc. Train 3-4 days a week and I do yoga, swimming, or jogging on my non strength training days.


I eat moderate protein, low-moderate carbs (depending on where my weight is at), and i eat a moderate to sometimes high amount of fat.


Jacked Apple Crisp Lean Whey,



and Thermal REVOLUTION!