Louis “Big Sexy” Uridel

Louis “Big Sexy” Uridel


BIRTHPLACE: Arouca, Trinidad and Tobago
Birthday: October 2nd, 1974
Height: 6’1”
Contest Weight: 220lbs
Off-Season Weight: 260lbs
Occupation: Online Trainer/Nutritionist, Contest Coverage Media Correspondant, West Coast Team Leader MSI and Athlete.
Hobbies/Interests: Hookah, Movies, the Beach.
Body Part: Back/Legs
Diet Meal: Chicken/Rice
Cheat Meal: Pancakes, Lucky Charms, Burgers and Fries
Movie: Boondock Saints
QUOTE:This is who I am… nobody said you had to like it.

I started working part-time as a personal trainer while I was in Law School at the DePaul University School of Law. I really fell in love with all aspects of the fitness and supplement industry and quickly became a “bodybuilding nerd”.

While awaiting for my results from the 2004 California Bar (I passed the Illinois Bar in 2001) I moved out to California and started working as a personal trainer in Del Mar California. Within 3 months I had a completely full week of clients booked and was in love with the process of helping others get into shape.

By 2008 I had started working with supplement companies as a demo and online rep – most of the time for free until I worked my way up into a paid athlete position. From there, I have worked as a media correspondent for RxMuscle.com and MuscularDevelopment.com on their contest coverage for their online websites.

This year I founded REALZFitness and REALZApparel – as my moniker “Mr. Keeps It Realz” – I am all in on telling you the straight dope – regardless of the outcome… because there is no such thing as halfway REALZ.

With MuscleSport I feel I have found a home and family – people who care about providing quality products that work and benefit the consumer. I truly feel that the MSI brand is an elite performance product and I endeavor to spread the word!


Typically, I don’t train heavy anymore. I work on a full squeeze and contraction of the muscle… controlling the eccentric negative, concentric squeeze and the concentric motion. Building up a proper mind-muscle connection is tantamount to pure muscle development and growth. Too many times i see people moving weight and not training their muscles!

As for nutrition – I typically follow a lower fat, moderate carb and higher protein diet. I keep cardio in all year and obviously the carbohydrates drop more for me during competition season… however, not as low as they do for most people! It’s all about the effort – and you need carbs to burn fat as well! Just have to find the right balance!

I currently run my own Fitness Consultation business called REALZ Fitness (www.RealzFitness.com).

My REALZ Stack

RHINO BLACK – 1/2 Scoop
NEUROVOL – 1 Scoop
Citrulline Malate – 3 scoops
Glycocarn – 1 Scoop

Lean Whey (Lean Charms, Cookies and Cream or Oatmeal cookie I love them all!)
Life Shield
BCAA Revolution (Intra-Workout)
(during contest – ADRENAL Revolution)
(during off-season – HBCD Intra workout)