Nene Tenety

Nene Tenety

Nene Tenety


Birth Place: Naples Italy         

Date of Birth: October 13         

Height: 5’6 

Contest Weight: 122

Occupation: Personal trainer,student 

Hobbies/Interest: Walking my dog Flexi, binge watching netflix, spending quality time with friends and family, and helping others in need. 


Body Part: Shoulders 

Diet Meal: Ground beef,brown rice, brussel sprouts, with EVOO and mustard mixed into one delicious mess 

Cheat: Burger and fries and/or Ben & Jerrys ice cream 

Movie: The Wedding Singer 

Quote: “our greatest glory is not in never falling,but in raising every time we fall”.   -Confusius 


– Chest,back,abs 

T – Hamstings and shoulders 

W – Rest 

H – Biceps,triceps 

F – Legs 

S – Shoulders,abs 

S – Rest 


Liposlim – 2 in am, 2 in afternoon. natrually breakdown fat 

Thermal Rev – 2 pre fasted cardio. ramp things up for my contest prep 

BCAAs – 2 scoops throughout the day.For all day recovery 

Rapid Refuel – Immediately after workout. I use with my lean whey for dual recovery post workout 

Neurovol – pre/during workout. Love the Non-stim option with insane pump and focus