Stephanie Hammermeister

Stephanie Hammermeister

Stephanie “Lady Hammer” Hammermeister

Birthplace: New Hampshire
Birthday: 4/16/87
Height: 5’6
Contest Weight: 130
Off-Season Weight: 145
Occupation: Personal Trainer
Hobbies/Interest: Reading. writing. blogging. movies. football.
Body Part: Shoulders
Diet Meal: Egg Whites. Cin ezekial bread and salted Carmel nuts n’ more.
Cheat Meal: All things Burger. Sweet potato fries. Donuts, brownies, cookies.
Movie: Goonies
Quote: Visualize your goals. Grind without seeking acknowledgment. Push past your limits. When you get to the top, marvel humbly in your successes. – LadyHammer

Being from a small town in New Hampshire, I had big aspirations to do something big with my life but didn’t know what exactly that was. My fitness journey began on the basketball court at a young age, which carried through a collegiate level on scholarship. Following graduation, I drove cross-country to San Diego to begin the next chapter of my life. I began interning at a Wedding & Event company based in San Diego and shortly thereafter realized that I wanted to start my own business. After 4 years, my itch for the fitness industry started slowly presenting itself. I have left closed that chapter in my life and have hustled with a passion to pursue my passion for competing and helping others begin their fitness journey. 2 competitions. 2 swords. My sites are set on receiving my pro-card and eventually competing on the biggest stage in the industry- Olympia.

Currently training for Nationals on bounty to pro status- High intensity workouts and lifting heavy as possible. Diet consists of enough fats, carbs, and protein to build and maintain muscle mass.

Favorite MuscleSport Stack:

  • Lean Whey (smores)
  • Liposlim
  • Detox Revolution
  • Pre-lean
  • L-Lecuine