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National Burrito Day — Bean Burrito Launch

So glad you are as excited as we are for this BRAND NEW Lean Whey launch!

With the same macros as our other Lean Whey flavors, but with the savory taste of your favorite Bean Burrito, each serving you get:

  • 130 Satisfying Calories
  • 25g Pure Protein
  • The delicious craving of a burrito made into a shake!

We've been so excited to release this to you all! But we do have one other thing to tell you guys about the launch.




Due to the perfect timing, this was a great way to say,

Happy April Fools Day! (and National Burrito Day)

From us at Musclesport, thanks for supporting us and go grab some of our other Limited Edition Lean Whey flavors such as Irish Cookie Shake and our all time favorite Lean Charms HERE.

Stay tuned to our Instagram tomorrow for a huge announcement, and this one is no joke ;)


Did we disappoint you that this isn't real?! If you think this is a flavor you'd like to try go comment on our Instagram post and let us know what you think!