FREE - Musclesport "Soundwave" 15 Year Anniversary commemorative T-shirt

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MuscleSport™ was founded in 2008 by Jason Mancuso, the Suppchef™, & cultivated when his desire to transform his physique took him down a rabbit hole of nasty tasting and underperforming sports supplements and diet products.  Many of which were not safe and provided little to no “real results”.

Jason decided to develop a line that was fun and effective with products that tasted above and beyond better than anything the market had seen before.  He believed taste should never be a deterrent to a successful fitness journey and has since created some of the best flavored Protein, Preworkout, Weight loss and Amino Supplements ever.  Thus, MuscleSport was born and the line became a Brand and the Revolution had begun!

This SOUNDWAVE t-shirt is a representation of one of Jason's many passion's; Music. The unique design accentuates the flow of sound which ties in well to the creative aspect of the MuscleSport brand since, the rhythm of music harmonizes his mind, as well as many others, into creating their own unique identity.







Color: Black