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Can Workout Music Be the Answer to Increases in SIZE?
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Can Workout Music Be the Answer to Increases in SIZE?


Listening to music while training in the gym can eliminate boredom, but did you know that it can improve the quality of your workout? When you listen to workout music, your stamina increases, and you get a sudden rush of motivation and energy. No, this isn’t some sort of clickbait, it’s the truth!


Workout music with killer beats does more than make you burst into that viral dance move at the gym that will embarrass you for as long as you live. Your favorite workout music jams have the power to boost your performance at the gym. This is actually why marathons and races have banned music, especially for anyone who is hoping to medal.


Music tends to give us a competitive edge and that extra rush of energy during your workout. Essentially, you can look at it as an ergogenic aid.


Real talk here… we all have a specific gym playlist we put together on our phones when we are working out, right? It is fun to blast your favorite motivating songs, and the best part is that science backs all of this up.


Disclaimer: It is recommended that you speak with your doctor before starting any exercise program.


Can Workout Music Tune You into Greater Increases in Muscle Mass?


If you want to add some serious mass to your physique, choose your workout music wisely. What music provides the best results? Well, that may come down to the type of music you listen to. If you’re a hip-hop lover, turning up some country music will probably not provide you with the results you’re looking for. Therefore, choose music that you enjoy and gets you pumped up.


Here are some reasons why listening to workout music can be your best workout partner ever.


  • Workout music can be a good distraction


While workout music can do more than just be a distraction from the stress of the day and the world around you, studies have suggested that athletic performance can be increased by as much as 15 percent. Working out while listening to music makes us less aware of our exertion, hence the increase in our performance.


  • Improve your workout performance


Working out can make you feel tired, exhausted, and somewhat in a daze on occasion. Listening to workout music can give you the added boost needed to perform optimally and push yourself harder when training.


Do you often feel the extra pep in your step when your favorite beat comes on? Of course you do. There is a reason for that, as music can make you run faster, swim quicker, and bike for a longer duration. More than likely, you won’t even realize the improved pace during your workout.


  • Workout music can calm you down or amp you up


Workout music has the power to boost your mood and get you ready for an intense workout session. At times, you can even get too amped up. Then, on the flip side, slower workout music of around 80 to 115 BPM (beats per minute) can slow your heart rate and minimize anxiety after an intense workout.


While the beat matters, it is also the lyrics and how the workout music makes you feel. Make a playlist for yourself with the songs that pump you up, and give it a try. Don’t believe the science? Trying hitting a grueling workout with either music you don’t enjoy or something that has a slower BPM and see how your performance is during your workout


  • You get a psychological effect


Music is something that can heavily affect our brains and how we function. It can lead to feelings of pleasure or annoyance, change how we think, and lead to behavioral changes. This effect can also alter our hormone levels.


For example, a study in 2012 showed that participants who listened to workout music they deemed enjoyable had increased serotonin levels, which is essentially a feel-good hormone. Increased serotonin levels will put you in a better mood when you are working out.


  • Stay in the zone when training


We all have that one song that puts us in the zone, which also has science behind it. We often associate music with memories; for example, we all have that one song that reminds us of a very special moment in our lives. When we channel that memory or the emotion of the music, it boosts the motivational power of the song and improves our overall physical performance. If you want to stay in the zone, don’t forget your earbuds to listen to your favorite workout music.


  • Reduce stress and anxiety levels


Are you stressed often? Do you feel like the world is on your shoulders? Then, this section may have caught your attention.


Listening to slow-tempo songs such as lo-fi, soft lyrical songs, or no lyrics at all can reduce stress and anxiety. When you are doing yoga (in the gym or at home), listening to soft workout music can help you wind down and relax — and not just during the workout but also throughout the day.


  • Push your body and workouts to the limit


Fatigue is the arch-nemesis of a good workout day. The best weapon to fight fatigue on a heavy leg day (or any heavy workout, for that matter) is to listen to workout music.


Music can help change the perception of your exertion by limiting fatigue. A study showed that 12 participants could cycle better and for a longer period of time when they listened to workout music. The right kind of music can distract you from your exertion, and you can work out harder and may find you get better results.


  • Recover faster post-workout


Sure, a protein shake would fit in well post-workout, but that’s not the only thing. Music has the ability to calm you down, even after an intense workout session. You can bring your heart rate back down to normal and recover faster when you listen to music that is slow.


Research shows that listening to slow music can lower blood pressure and can even help you recover faster following your workouts.


Is Workout Music the Answer to Muscle Growth?


Choosing workout music that you actually enjoy and that syncs well with your training style can help you get more out of your experience in the gym. However, that all being said, training with or without music, exercise is essential for our overall health. Therefore, we must look for every way possible to maximize our results. And if the right kind of workout music can check all the boxes we are looking for, it seems like a win-win scenario.


Taking things one step further, what if you could add something extra to maximize the potential gains from listening to your workout music? Well, you can!


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Take your daily serving of MuscleSport Creatine + Hydration, crank up your workout music, and let the gains begin!


By: Matt Weik, BS, CSCS, CPT, CSN

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