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Do Fat Burners Actually Work? Here’s What You Should Know
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Do Fat Burners Actually Work? Here’s What You Should Know

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By: Matt Weik, BS, CSCS, CPT, CSN

It’s a great question. Do fat burners actually work? There seems to be two sides to this debate, and we’re going to break things down and dissect the things you need to understand in order to get the best results possible during your weight loss journey.

Let’s start by saying nothing works unless you do. That’s the bottom line. You can’t purchase a supplement (we’re using fat burners in this example) and expect miracles to take place if you’re sitting on your couch eating a bag of Cheetos and washing it down with a 2-liter bottle of regular Coke. Supplements such as fat burners have their place. But first, you need to have your ducks in a row to get the full benefits from them. 

All Things Considered… Do Fat Burners Actually Work?

As I mentioned above, we need to look at the big picture in order to come to a conclusion and answer the age-old question, “Do fat burners actually work?” 

First… Look at your diet. Are you consuming healthy and nutrient-dense foods, or are you hitting the drive-thru and eating fast food multiple times a week, along with ice cream, donuts, desserts, candy, etc.? Are you exercising and going to the gym? If not, what exactly are you hoping and expecting to happen by introducing fat burners into the equation? It’s not a magic pill — nothing is.

If you aren’t already living a healthy lifestyle, there’s unfortunately not a whole heck of a lot that fat burners are going to do for you. Sure, you might lose some weight because your metabolism gets an artificial boost, and it might pull some water out of your body, so the scale shows a decrease, but you didn’t change your habits.

The whole purpose of a supplement is to further help the individual in one way or another. It, itself, does not change a behavior or lifestyle. If you are looking for a quick fix, I hate to burst your bubble, but there isn’t one if you’re not already changing how you live your life. Fat burners should not be used as a crutch to counterbalance poor nutritional choices.

So, do fat burners actually work? Sure. But only if you work and do your job too.

How to Use Fat Burners

Fat burners can be helpful but only when used in certain circumstances. If you are under the umbrella of what was said above, it might not be wise to use a fat burner at this point until you start exercising and changing your nutritional habits. If you’ve already done so, maybe you want to add a fat burner for a little extra boost and help.

But the main reason most people (at least in the fitness industry) use fat burners is to help take their physique to the next level. Their metabolism is already on fire, but they need that little extra oomph to get rid of that last bit of stubborn body fat (especially during contest prep for competitors). 

The ingredients found in many fat burners are generally the same. Most will include ingredients such as caffeine due to their stimulatory effects. Such an ingredient can help boost your metabolic rate as well as provide you with an improvement in both physical and mental energy. 

Many individuals also prefer to use fat burners as their “pre-workout” to help energize them during their training sessions. That purpose makes perfect sense but should also not be abused. The “more is better” mentality can get you in trouble from a health standpoint, so you need to respect the product you are taking and its potency.

You Need to Understand This…

Fat burners are not an end all be all when it comes to fixing weight issues. Do fat burners actually work? Absolutely. You can see results while using fat burners, but many times as soon as you are done, you may find you gain some of the weight back. This is more apparent in cases where nutritional changes and behaviors have not changed. 

If you find you’re gaining weight back after discontinuing a fat burner, some of that weight gain may be water weight. Some fat burners have a diuretic property to them to pull out excess water from the body to give a harder appearance. This is normal as the body will try to retain what was lost when using the product. So, you should know that it doesn’t necessarily mean you gained back body fat (likewise, it also means you shouldn’t assume every ounce and pound you lose while using a fat burner is actual body fat).

Additionally, when you stop using fat burners, you will also not continue getting the metabolic boosting properties. This ultimately means your metabolism can slow back down to its normal rate. 

DO NOT abuse fat burners. They are not meant to be continuously used without a break. If you abuse fat burners, you run the risk of metabolic damage that could have severe consequences. Use them exactly as how the directions advise you.

To close this out, fat burners can work… but they are best used when you, yourself, are working as well. It’s not a quick fix. Change your lifestyle and behaviors, and you will see better results from supplements like fat burners.

Target Fat Cells and Increase Thermogenesis

Now that we answered the question, “Do fat burners actually work?” let’s discuss a product that should be at the top of your fat-burning list.

Not all fat burners are created equal, and some of them are fairy dusted with ingredients to make them look good while really only having a high dosage of caffeine so that you feel something and think it’s working. Well, that’s not good enough for you, and it’s not what we’re about. At MuscleSport, we want you to experience the best results possible.

For that reason, we created MuscleSport Thermal Revolution — our best-selling and highly potent fat burner.

MuscleSport Thermal Revolution utilizes clinically dosed ingredients and creates compounding effects to help you get unimaginable results. But again, you need to do your job by hitting the gym and paying attention to your nutrition.

Thermal Revolution combines ingredients like a Xanthine NRG Complex, Grains of Paradise, patented CapsiAtra®, DIM, Rauwolfia Vomitoria Root Extract, Halostachine, and more to create the ultimate fat-melting formula you need to look and feel your best.

So, do fat burners actually work? We know ours does! Experience it for yourself!

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