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How to Properly Set & Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

How to Properly Set & Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

set and achieve your weight loss goals

Plan to fail when you fail to plan. I love that saying, and it rings so true in life. When we are on a mission to lose weight and drop stubborn body fat, goal setting is a great way to plan out and create your roadmap, so to speak. Issues arise when you don’t know how to properly set your weight loss goals. In all honesty, it’s not complicated — it simply takes a little more planning and thought than you would first imagine. This article will help you strategically and methodically set your goals so that you have an actionable plan set in stone and ready to roll. Let’s get into it.

1. Determine Your Ultimate Long-Term Goal

long term weight loss goals

Obviously, by the title of this article, we are talking about weight loss goals, but you can apply the same principles found in this content piece to anything. But, for the sake of this article, you are on a mission to lose weight and shed stubborn body fat. So, what does that look like long term? Well… let’s use the example that you want to lose 20 pounds over the next three months. When you look out into the future, you see that as your ending point and the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Your first step is to write that long-term goal down on a piece of paper and put it somewhere you’re going to see it daily. Use this as motivation to keep pushing forward in your quest. 

2. Set Short-Term Weight Loss Goals

short term weight loss goals

Next, you want to write your short-term weight loss goals on that same piece of paper. This is where you need to reverse engineer things a little and where I mentioned above that the process takes a little more planning than you thought. Healthily, you can lose around two pounds per week without breaking down lean muscle tissue. Let’s use that as our short-term goal. 

Your short-term goal should be to lose two pounds weekly for the next 10 weeks, putting you at your 20-pound weight loss goal. Again, putting this piece of paper somewhere that you will see it often is extremely important, and it helps keep you motivated.

How are you going to lose two pounds per week? Maybe you decide that you are going to cut your calories by 500 each day as well as exercise each day to burn an additional 500 calories. That equals a 1,000-calorie deficit from your baseline, where you maintain your current weight. Do that for seven days, and it’s 7,000 calories. There are 3,500 calories in a pound, so theoretically, you should lose two pounds each week.

3. Ensure the Weight Loss Goals Are Attainable

attainable weight loss goals

Unrealistic weight loss goals will only set you up for failure and leave you completely frustrated. An example would be telling yourself that you want to lose 10 pounds this week. There is no way you can lose 10 pounds in a single week in a healthy fashion unless you are morbidly obese and drop a bunch of water weight. It’s not attainable. Or setting a goal that you want to drop 50 pounds over the next month. It’s just not possible. You are doomed to fail if you set these unrealistic and unattainable weight loss goals.

Not only that, but if you have never been in a situation where you tried to lose weight on your own, it’s going to take some time to understand your body and what you need to do to lose weight and drop body fat. It’s not going to be easy. After all, if it were, we wouldn’t have over 60% of our population overweight or obese. So, clearly, it’s not going to be an easy journey and will take dedication and commitment on your part.

4. Make Sure That Your Goals Are Measurable

measurable weight loss goals

Are you able to measure your weight loss goals? In terms of this article, where we are using weight loss as the goal, you can absolutely measure your progress. By simply stepping on the scale or getting your body fat tested, you can get a measurable result that shows how you are progressing and if you are on track to hitting your goals.

If you are not hitting your mark (using the 2 pounds per week goal), you can alter your nutrition program and caloric intake or do more cardio to see the desired result. That being said, if you set a goal you couldn’t measure, you’d have no way of knowing if you were on track or not. That’s why getting concrete numbers and measurements is vital to your success.

5. Follow Through and Have Fun

follow through and have fun

You are on an extraordinary journey, and no one understands what you’re going through as much as you do. Everyone loses weight and body fat differently, and unfortunately, there isn’t a program out there that fits everyone’s needs. For that reason, keep things fun, and don’t get frustrated if your progress stalls. Part of enjoying the process is better understanding your body on what works and what doesn’t. You might get better results from a full-body workout rather than a split. You might get better results from more of a ketogenic diet versus a low-fat diet. Everything is experimental and trial and error. If you find yourself getting stuck, look for a local personal trainer and/or dietician who can guide you along the way.  

Never be afraid to ask for help. But know that your journey is only starting and that nothing will work unless you do in order to reach your weight loss goals. Enjoy the process, and it will make it go that much smoother.

6. Fast-Track Your Weight Loss Results

weight loss results

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