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Fitness Informant #1 Rated Preworkout // King's Ransom

Fitness Informant #1 Rated Preworkout // King's Ransom

See What Fitness Informant Had To Say About The All New Black Series Rhino KING'S RANSOM

What Do You Want from Your Pre Workout?

Pre workouts are the most diverse and one of the most popular categories of supplements worldwide. While cynics may think they’re nothing more than a glorified source of caffeine, we know those cynics to be peasants working the fields with no muscles to show for it!

Pre workout supplements are very useful tools for the most important part of sculpting an ideal physique – training. If you just want a smaller or larger body, without any regard for the shape your body takes, dieting is all you need; but if you want to look good in the King’s (or Queen’s!) eyes, some amount of exercise is necessary.

Basic logic then proves that if your training is more effective, your gains improve as well. Thus, you want your pre workout to enhance your training. Pre workouts can accomplish this in 3 ways; improving blood flow, nutrient delivery, and waste recycling; boosting endurance, strength, anabolism, and training capacity; and increasing energy, focus, and the will to endure.

The king’s ransom is MUSCLE, and that can only be achieved through blood, sweat, and tears. Here’s how Rhino BLACK King’s Ransom will refine your training and obtain you one royal physique.

Better Blood Flow – Better Pumps

In order to pay the King’s Ransom, we’ve equipped you with 6g of L-Citrulline, 1g of AGmass®, 250mg of Norvaline, 100mg of Epimedium, and 10mg of Vanadyl. To the untrained eye, this is nothing more than a random 5-ingredient combination, but a look beneath the surface shows a sovereign, synergistic blend of nitric oxide boosters and pump enhancers.

L-Citrulline is a trojan horse for arginine. While most ingested arginine is broken down by the liver, never entering the body or its cells, nearly all of citrulline is absorbed and then converted into arginine. Following this conversion, the newfound arginine is used to produce nitric oxide (NO) via the NO synthase enzyme. As you may well know, NO triggers vasodilation and an increase in blood flow.

Agmatine sulfate (as AGmass®) is a polyamine made from arginine. Agmatine stimulates the endothelial system to activate more NO synthase. Citrulline provides precursor, agmatine supplies activation. This is synergy phase 1.

While arginine is an important substrate molecule for forming NO via NO synthase, it may also be broken down by another enzyme, arginase. Arginase begins arginine’s disposal process, making it detrimental to NO formation.

Norvaline is an arginase inhibitor. The benefits of this are two-fold. Obviously, we get more arginine able to convert to NO, but we also exploit a backdoor mechanism, increasing NO without blunting sensitivity to the other vasodilators and pump-enhancers provided in Rhino BLACK King’s Ransom. Synergy phase 2.

Epimedium, aka horny goat weed, contains a flavonoid known as Icariin. Icariin is a phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5) inhibitor – a mechanism shared with the most potent of vasodilators which are used to treat ED. Because PDE5 blocks NO formation, blocking PDE5 with Icariin allows more NO to be produced. Synergy phase 3.

Finally, vanadyl sulfate enhances vascularity. By improving insulin sensitivity and muscle glucose status, vanadyl indirectly increases blood vessel size and a vascular appearance. The enhanced glucose deposition into muscle cells also helps improve performance and fuel exercise. Synergy phase 4.

Perform Like A King

King’s Ransom is packed with performance enhancers. 3.2g of beta-alanine, 2.5g of BetaPower™, 2.5g of GlycerPump™, and 2g of Creatine MagnaPower®. All are efficaciously dosed, and all proven to build better human beings.

Beta-alanine helps the body form carnosine, an elite cellular buffer. This helps reduce muscle acidity and delay the burning sensation for a few reps. In turn, you can expect greater power output and training volume.

BetaPower™ is a superior form of betaine, also known as trimethylglycine. The supply of methyl groups makes betaine a potent activator of muscle growth, muscle strength, and stress resistance, as methyl groups facilitate optimal genetic expression.

GlycerPump™ is known as a hyperhydrator. This ingredient sucks up water like a sponge, helping with heat tolerance as well as cell volumization. Reducing heat stress increases endurance and oxygenation.

The Mind Muscle Connection

Herein lies the true innovation of King’s Ransom. 750mg Tyrosine, 600mg Alpha-GPC, 300mg Caffeine Anhydrous + 50mg Infinergy ™ dicaffeine malate, 125mg of N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine, 100mg of L-Theanine, 100mg hordenine, 50mg Octopalean™, and a full serving of 200mcg Huperzine A from Huperzia Serrata. You’ve had pre workouts before, but you’ve never had one pack quite this much punch!

First up, the stims. 300mg of fast-acting caffeine anhydrous and 50mg of Infinergy™ provides everything we know and love about caffeine without the crash, while Tyrosine serves as precursor for caffeine-induced upregulation of adrenaline release and hordenine and Octopalean™ make the adrenaline more effective by sensitizing receptors. Finally, N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine makes users feel euphoric and motivated.

With over 600mg of total stimulants, King’s Ransom also features 100mg of Theanine to help curb anxiety and create a nice, smooth energy feeling – no distracting jitters – while improving cognition. Alpha-GPC is the best nootropic for exercise purposes with dual-effects for boosting focus and also increasing muscular power output. With Alpha-GPC helping boost acetylcholine levels and huperzine reducing acetylcholine wasting, this Mind-Muscle Matrix is sure to provide laser-like focus.

Rhino BLACK King’s Ransom Limited Edition Pre Workout

Looking for the best? What’s better than the king? All king’s reigns eventually end, and King’s Ransom is no different. Get yours before this limited, small-batch pre workout sells out!

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  • Ralph Hathcock
    Ralph HathcockJanuary 06, 2023

    Would love to get some more of this awesome pre workout, kings ransom is the best. Where can I find it?

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