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5 Significant Benefits and Uses of Nootropic Supplements
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5 Significant Benefits and Uses of Nootropic Supplements


By: Matt Weik, BS, CSCS, CPT, CSN

Is your mental performance suffering? Are you finding yourself unable to focus? You’re not alone. A decline in cognitive performance can happen to the best of us. The good news is that there’s something you can do about it. If you think I’m going to tell you to go grab an energy drink or cup of coffee to solve the problem, you’d be incorrect. What am I talking about then? Nootropics. Nootropic supplements could be your saving grace. 

If you’ve never heard of nootropics, you’ll be glad you read this article. And if you have heard of nootropics and may have even used them in the past, hopefully, you’ll find a new way that you can utilize the power of these fantastic nootropic supplements.

The Power of Nootropic Supplements

Many people only think about supplements in terms of improving their health (such as with multivitamins) or with fitness (something like a protein powder or pre-workout powder). Well, there are actually brain-boosting supplements in the form of nootropic supplements that can improve your mental performance. You can think of them as “smart supplements.” To put it in context, think of the movie Limitless with Bradley Cooper, where he takes a “smart drug,” and his mental performance goes through the roof. 


amplifying your workout

Amplify Your Workouts

When you are in the gym, you need to focus on feeling the muscle working through the full range of motion. You want to hit those deep muscle fibers and to effectively do that, you need a solid mind-muscle connection. The goal is to feel your muscles contracting and attain a strong squeeze in the muscle. Amplifying your workouts by breaking down more muscle fibers means you can increase muscle size and strength.

By implementing nootropic supplements into your workout regimen, you have the ability to increase your mental performance by enhancing focus and concentration. 


productivity at work

Improve Productivity at Work

Whether you work a typical 9-5 job or own a business where you’re working 80+ hours a week, there are plenty of times you’ve probably lost all desire and focus. Nootropic supplements are a great way to get the train back on the tracks and increase your productivity.

If you’re looking for that promotion at work or you want to show your competitors that you’re focused on stealing their market share, nootropics can give you that extra edge you need to produce the results you desire and set out to accomplish. 


getting more done around the house

Get More Done Around the House

The weekend is a great time to cross some home projects off of your “to-do” list. After a long week in the office or at school, you could be suffering from some mental fatigue. It’s ok, it happens to the best of us. The goal is to identify that you’re off your game and do something about it.

Once you establish that you’re dragging and need a mental boost and some added focus and direction, grab your favorite nootropic supplements and get yourself back on track. 

With one dose, you’re going to feel the effects almost immediately. What’s even better is that the lasting effects can help keep your mental performance elevated for nearly the entire day. 


focus in studying

Better Focus in the Classroom and When Studying

If you are a college student looking to get your degree and head out into the workforce, you need the ability to stay focused while sitting in the classroom as well as when you’re studying for an important exam.

While it’s not a bright idea to wait until the last minute to cram for an exam or stay up all night working on a paper that you should have started a week ago, through the help of nootropic supplements, you may not only find your ability to retain the information you study better, but you can also stay focused and bust out the research paper you’ve put off in no time. 

Pro Tip: Next time, take your nootropic supplements when the project is assigned so it’s out of the way well in advance. With the mental boost you can achieve through nootropics, you should have no problem completing your projects and crossing them off your list.


maintaining mental performance

Maintain Mental Performance While Aging

Let’s face the harsh reality that none of us are getting any younger. And the fact that you may already be forgetting things is not a good sign of the times to come. As we age, both our mental and physical performance can head south. Through nootropic supplements, you have the ability to maintain and even improve both.

The focus aspect of nootropic supplements can help you in the gym and during workouts by allowing you to focus on the task at hand and making sure you’re activating all muscle fibers when training. Then on the mental side of the equation, you can improve focus, cognition, alertness, mental fatigue, memory, reaction time, information recollection, and the ability to manage stress better.

Another benefit of nootropics is that, unlike caffeine, you won’t become “addicted” to it or go through any withdrawal symptoms if you go without using nootropic supplements for a particular amount of time.

With all that being said, we’d be remised not to provide you with some options that you can utilize right now. For instance, we have two of the highest quality nootropics on the market today with MuscleSport Flow State Energize and MuscleSport Lions Mane NRG. Both of these high-powered supplements can drastically improve your focus and energy to help you get into a better mental state where you can experience heightened mental performance. 

Regardless of how you decide to use these MuscleSport nootropics, one thing is for certain — you’ll wonder what took you so long to jump into the world of nootropic supplements and the many benefits they provide.

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