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LeanWhey™ | With Glitter & Sprinkles!?

LeanWhey™ | With Glitter & Sprinkles!?

MuscleSport is no stranger to innovation, and we’re up to bat once again! Here are a couple of very exciting updates for you all!

First up, we’ve united with the one and only Lady Hammer, Stephanie Hammermeister!

Inspired by the new collaboration, we’re releasing a BRAND NEW, industry-first flavor of the bestselling Lean Whey – Unicorn Cookie Shake!

Unicorn Whey Protein?

Yes, you read that correct – the new flavor is Unicorn. Cookie. Shake.

What exactly is a Unicorn Cookie Shake? It tastes like a sugar cookie birthday cake, and we didn’t forget the sprinkles, cookie pieces, or glitter – edible glitter, of course. We have quite a few flavors that taste amazing, but we can honestly say that this is the very first protein that looks as good as it tastes!

And no, Lean Whey Unicorn Cookie Shake does not contain any unicorn parts or byproducts, but it still only has 120 Calories, 1g fat, 2.5g net carbs, and 25g protein!

And we aren’t the only ones excited about it – check out what Stack3d has to say.

More Than One Lean Whey Update

Were you ever curious of the exact ratio of Whey Isolate and Whey Hydrolysate used in Lean Whey? We’re pleased to say that ALL Lean Whey labels, starting with Unicorn Cookie Shake, will be updated to list the exact amounts of protein powder AND the grams of protein it yields.

In addition to the Lean Muscle Matrix, Lean Whey earns its namesake by using a whopping 12g of whey hydrolysate, which is known to contain bioactive peptides that promote thermogenesis (calorie burn) and lipolysis (release of body fat stores).

As the supplement industry advances forward, always look for MuscleSport as the leader of the pack. C’mon – who else is doing rainbows and glitter?!

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