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What's the Cereal Series? LeanWhey™ Upgrade

What's the Cereal Series? LeanWhey™ Upgrade

It’s difficult to make improvements when you’re already at the top of your game, but Lean Whey Revolution™ has managed to do just that. It’s already the most innovative, best tasting whey protein available, and with 24g of protein from ultra-clean whey protein isolate and whey peptides per serving, it’s as effective as protein can be. So how can we improve?

Cereal Pieces Make the Best Tasting Protein Even Better

That’s a question we ask ourselves daily. On one particular day, the answer was to add cereal pieces to our already delicious Lean Whey Revolution™.

That’s right – REAL cereal pieces can be found in every scoop! The cereal pieces taste great, and the protein is flavored to match for a sweet taste of childhood in every sip. It’s nice to change it up once in a while from the typical chocolate and vanilla based flavors, and now you can go even more exotic than a peanut butter or cinnamon with Peanut Butter Crunch or CinnaCrunch cereal flavors!

Wait a Minute. Doesn’t Cereal Have A Lot of Sugar?

They sure do. One serving of Frosted Flakes has 26g of carbs per serving, 10g of which are sugars, and if I remember correctly, one bowl of cereal was never enough. Thus, eating cereal for breakfast is more like 50+ grams of carbs and 20+ grams of sugar.

That doesn’t sound great, but let’s look at it objectively. If a few bowls of cereal are part of an unplanned, unmonitored diet, yes of course that’s going to be detrimental to health, fitness, and body composition. However, if you’re a lifter that’s trying to gain muscle – even if you’re trying to make clean gains – a bowl or 2 of cereal (plus a protein source) before training is actually a good thing.

Is it the best option for a pre workout meal? No but honestly, it’s not that bad of a selection. Quick carbs prior to activity are pretty useful for fueling workouts and preventing muscle catabolism.

Truth be told, prior to releasing The Cereal Series, we knew a few lifters that would mix up a scoop or two of Lean Whey Revolution™ and use it as the “milk” in their cereal that they’d eat before or after some of their training sessions. These guys are pretty ripped, too.

Not that any of that matters. There isn’t an entire bowl of cereal in a scoop of our protein! The few pieces that end up in a single scoop never add up to more than 5g of total carbs between the cereal pieces themselves, the digestion resistant starch Fibersol® 2, and the trace carbs found in the protein powder itself and the flavoring ingredients.

The take-home point here is that even the 3 - 4.5g of carbs and 0.5 – 2g of sugar that might be found in any flavor of the Cereal Series will not upend a diet. Even if there were to be a whole serving of cereal per scoop, well, then it would just be a delicious mass gainer!

Benefits of The Cereal Series

As stated, carbs and sugar can be used strategically for enhancing physiques (realistically, though, the amount is so small, no bodily tissues will be affected, but it is ALWAYS a 2-way street – good for muscle, bad for fat). But one thing that’s infinitely more important than a measly 2g of sugar is enjoying, and sticking to, a good diet.

If you love the standard Chocolate flavor of Lean Whey Revolution™, we understand – it’s a delicious flavor – and you should stick with it. If you like variety, and get bored with the “same old flavors,” this is exactly why MuscleSport continues to innovate new ones. It’s also a lot of fun for us!

We want to make flavors that are so delicious that our customers look forward to drinking their post-workout or meal replacement shake. Sometimes that involves a few extra splashes of creativity – in this case, a few extra cereal pieces.

Plus, let’s face it. If you “slip up” on your diet and go on a Cereal Series binge, eating 10 scoops, you’re going to be one hell of a lot better off than making a “mistake” eating 10 servings of actual cereal. With 10 servings of Lean Whey Revolution™ you end up with 240g protein, ~45g carbs (20g sugar), and ~10g fat. Those are still some pretty damn good macros – you’ll be getting shredded in no time flat! 10 servings of actual cereal, on the other hand… yikes!

Satisfy your sweet tooth without derailing your gains train.

Have Fun with Your Whey Protein Powder

Dieting is stressful enough, and stress begets weight gain. That vicious cycle is an unfortunate medical fact. We all get tired of the same old same old – use the Cereal Series line of Lean Whey Revolution™ Whey Protein Powder to sweeten things up a little! Mix up your favorite flavor, then curl up with some old school Saturday morning cartoons, and remember how sweet life is!

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  • Christie
    ChristieNovember 17, 2022

    I have been looking for the cinna crunch, where can I buy?

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