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The Secret Mineral for Increasing Testosterone

The Secret Mineral for Increasing Testosterone

Does Boron Increase Testosterone

In the quest for more muscle and less body fat, there’s nothing quite as effective as testosterone. There are plenty of herbal ingredients and other strategies for boosting test levels, but one mineral stands out as a major – yet underappreciated – agent for driving maximal gains.

At doses of just 3-10mg, this mineral has been shown to decrease estrogen levels, likely as a result of reduced testosterone conversion, increase free testosterone, and increase total testosterone all without increasing other metabolites, like DHT, or increasing cortisol.

Obviously, increasing total testosterone is cool stuff. It doesn’t really matter, though, if free testosterone is not increased as a result. In fact, it doesn’t matter how much total testosterone you have if free testosterone is low, as it is free testosterone that goes around doing anabolic things and helping us get jacked. Typically, free testosterone increases alongside increases in total testosterone, which is good.

However, more total testosterone usually increases the likelihood that testosterone will be broken down into DHT or converted to estrogen – both suboptimal outcomes. Clearly, with this mineral we have the best of all worlds – more testosterone as free test, less estrogen, and no increases in DHT.

Boron increases testosterone in two ways. First, it stimulates testosterone production. Second, it helps that testosterone remain active (free) by inactivating a protein called sex-hormone binding globulin, or SHBG, which binds testosterone, preventing it from being free test.

Increasing your boron intake can be challenging without supplementation. Only avocado contains boron in amounts that can be measured in milligrams per serving, coming in at 1.1 mg per whole avocado. After that are a few seasonings followed by applesauce at 300mcg. In other words, you’d have to eat at least 3 avocados or 10 cups of applesauce to get the minimum efficacious dose of 3mg boron.

We prefer to keep it simple and look for a quality testosterone booster that is well-formulated with boron. This is the precise reason we created Test BLACK, which is also packed with other helpful ingredients.

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  • Alex
    AlexJuly 26, 2023


    Are you certain that Boron does not increase DHT levels. According to other articles it dies increase DHT levels

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