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Help Us Save Australia

Help Us Save Australia

Over the last month or so, New South Wales has been ravaged by intense brushfires that are burning over a majority of the country.

The devastation has thus far been unimaginable with over 30 lives lost, hundreds of millions of acres of business', homes & land burned to the ground and over a BILLION animals dead so far.



We've teamed up with 9 other brands & 3 major media outlets to run a 5-day sales event to donate to a couple charities doing the most to help the people of Australia. Here are the details of our sales event:

  • 40% OFF Sitewide - Use the code 'SAVEAUS' at checkout
  • 16oz Shaker - 100% of Proceeds from this item will go toward the 2 charities listed below.
  • Fill-N-Go Funnel - 100% of proceeds from this item will go toward the 2 charities listed below.
  • $1 Simple Donation - You can simply add this item to your cart & it will count toward a $1 donation to the charities listed below.


NSW Rural Fire Brigade

Wires Wildlife Rescue



Once the event ends on Sunday night, each of the brands involved will send their donations to who will then send 1 group donation, split evenly between the 2 charities listed above.


We appreciate all of your support! #HelpUsSaveAustralia

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