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Stuck Inside Survival Guide

Stuck Inside Survival Guide

Stuck-at-Home Survival Guide

 If you’re not working from home, social distancing, or full blown quarantined, you’re one of the few that won’t be climbing the walls in the weeks to come. The coronavirus doesn’t understand that we have lives to maintain, but with the looming threat of curfews and city shutdowns, what the heck are we supposed to do?

There are 7 components to wellness; social, physical, environmental, intellectual, emotional, financial, and spiritual. Since half of those are wayyy off the table, let’s focus on what we can control – life hack! It’s really the only thing we cared about anyway.


Physical health includes both your fitness and nutrition, and obviously, is the most important part of the wellness wheel because if we look good, we get approval from strangers. Or because we stave off preventable disease. Yeah, that’s the right answer.


If you’re in New York with us, you already know they came for our gyms. Like us, the quarantined are left without access to their usual “this-is-where-i-do-health” space to go to. Now, you have to do it at home.

No treadmill? No problem. Get your heart rate up doing a circuit style workout with jumping jacks, burpees, jump rope, and kettlebell swings with one of the extra 30 gallons of milk you bought while panicking at Wal Mart.

Of relevance, one gallon of milk weights 8.6 pounds. So, if you did buy 30, you’ve got a 258 pound weight set at home and you didn’t even realize it. And when you’re done, save the jug, refill it with water. Now it weighs 8.3 pounds – drop set!

If you get out to your local sporting goods store BEFORE they shut down gyms in your area, you can still score yourself some real dumbbells, kettlebells, bands, and other gizmos before they sell out like they did here. Yes, for at least a day, kettlebells were the new toilet paper.

Are you a TP stockpiler? A 24 pack weighs about 12 pounds! Boom! Soft Gains!



As of yet, delivery and take out is still an option. Hallelujah!

The cruelest trick of telling us to stock up then stay inside is knowing we can’t avoid eating all the good snacks first. Some say “everything in moderation.” I say, “what happened to all the Doritos?”

Of course, you can’t eat it if you don’t buy it. If you’re trying to stay healthy in the long run, maybe you should be locked inside instead asking, “should I have bought some Doritos?”

Now is a great time to learn to cook or learn a new recipe. The internet isn’t shut down. And if it does, God help us – we’re done for. Look up some good, healthy foods, and make those. You’ve got the time, and you know you’re going to pass it by eating. That’s just what we do when we’re bored, we can’t help it! Nor should you – now go get that spatchy spatch!

Load up on the good stuff, and maybe a few “bad” things. The 4 basic food groups – cow protein, chicken protein, pig protein, and fish protein. Freeze those. And the ancillaries, frozen vegetables, frozen fruit, rice,

If you’re stuck for weeks and deplete your freezers of protein sources, remember, we deliver! So does Omaha Steaks.

Help preserve the rest of your sanity by reading, not binging Netflix, crafting, not binging Netflix, redecorating, and did we mention? NOT. BINGING. NETFLIX.

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