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Liquid Carnitine & MitoBurn: Melt Away Fat with Ease!
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Liquid Carnitine & MitoBurn: Melt Away Fat with Ease!

Liquid Carnitine & MitoBurn: Melt Away Fat with Ease!

By: Matt Weik, BS, CSCS, CPT, CSN

Carnitine is a super-hot supplement on the market today, and we can verify this with the sales of MuscleSport CarniShred exploding. Those who leverage carnitine around their workouts and cardio sessions experience some amazing fat-burning results. But just like with any great formulator, you’re always looking to take things to the next level. To get and stay ahead of the curve, we’ve taken our famous CarniShred, changed it up a little and opted for a liquid delivery system, created some insane flavors, and added in the patented powerhouse MitoBurn® to turn up the heat.


Introducing the first of its kind… CarniShred + MitoBurn!


What happens when you take a liquid carnitine and toss in MitoBurn? You help turn your metabolism into a raging inferno that allows your body the ability to more effectively burn fat and melt away stubborn body fat you’ve been holding onto.


In this article, we are going to take a deeper dive into the benefits of carnitine (or a liquid carnitine) and MitoBurn, and how combining them can amplify your fat loss.


Disclaimer: It is recommended that you speak with your doctor before engaging in any exercise, nutrition, or supplement program.


What is Carnitine?


As a naturally occurring compound in your body, carnitine works in many different ways to provide you with some pretty profound benefits. Carnitine is derived from lysine and methionine, two amino acids that can be found in various foods you consume, like meat, dairy, and other animal-based sources.


The main role that many people associate with carnitine is its ability to help transport fatty acids into the mitochondria of the cell (also considered the “powerhouse” of the cell). This is where fatty acids are converted into usable energy through beta-oxidation. The benefit of this process is that you can utilize and burn fat as an energy source for the heart, muscles, and other tissues of the body.


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Going through beta-oxidation and creating energy can also cause toxic byproducts to form and build up. Carnitine can help remove these harmful byproducts from your cells and support overall cellular health.


On top of helping enhance energy levels, carnitine has additional benefits, such as helping improve exercise performance and supporting fat loss. Let’s touch more on the benefits below.


What are the Benefits of Carnitine?


Since we are looking specifically at fat loss in this article as it relates to carnitine and MitoBurn, below are some of the benefits commonly associated with carnitine or liquid carnitine supplementation.


1.     Ignite Fat Metabolism


I don’t think there’s a single human on the planet that wouldn’t like to get rid of some excess body fat. Carnitine is like the taxi driver who picks up long-chain fatty acids and drives them into the mitochondria of the cell, where they can be converted into a usable energy source. What this essentially does is help enhance fat metabolism so that you can (potentially) more easily burn for fat throughout the day.


Taking things a step further, most people will utilize a carnitine powder or liquid carnitine before their training sessions or cardio. This tends to be where energy demands will be at their highest, and you’re looking for that edge to help you push harder and further. But your muscle carnitine levels are important because they help boost energy by increasing fatty acid oxidation to support weight loss.


2.     Reduce Hunger & Appetite


If you’re trying to lose weight, one of the hardest things to do is keep your nutrition in check. When you’re in a caloric deficit, just about any food put in front of you looks delicious. The good news is that carnitine can help with appetite regulation and can help keep your hunger levels in check. You can’t out-train a poor diet, and therefore when weight loss and fat burning are a priority, you need to ensure you are satiated throughout the day.


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Carnitine can accomplish this by modulating the levels of neurotransmitters involved in appetite control and helping you get a better grasp on your food cravings.


3.     Improve Exercise Performance


Do you think you burn more calories and fat when your performance levels are high or low? Of course, when they’re high. If you’re dragging through your workout, your focus is on how quickly you can end your workout rather than how hard you can push yourself. Carnitine can help you get things dialed in.


Supplementing with something like carnitine or liquid carnitine can help improve exercise performance. By maximizing your exercise performance, you are putting yourself in a better position to burn fat and lose weight. One aspect of carnitine is that it can help preserve glycogen stores that are typically used during intense bouts of exercise. Instead, carnitine helps increase fatty acid oxidation to fuel your workouts and help boost your performance levels.


What is MitoBurn?


NNB is the maker of the patented metabolic ignitor MitoBurn (and many other incredible ingredients). MitoBurn is an amino acid metabolite of L-valine known as L-BAIBA, produced by muscles during exercise. It is triggered by the PGC-1α protein, earning it the nickname “exercise factor.”


This compound has numerous benefits related to exercise, such as helping to improve metabolism, increasing energy expenditure, and supporting a lean and hard physique. Intense exercise has been the primary method of increasing BAIBA levels, but now with the help of MitoBurn, you can help ignite your fat-burning potential.


BAIBA has the unique ability to help turn white adipose tissue and turn it into brown adipose tissue. The benefit here is that brown adipose tissue is more metabolically active, which can help improve energy expenditure, insulin sensitivity, and fat loss.


MitoBurn L-BAIBA is extremely beneficial for athletes looking to maximize their training, as well as for individuals leading an active lifestyle and who are seeking a healthy way to support their fitness and weight management efforts.


What are the Benefits of MitoBurn?


We aren’t one to inflate the truth about things, and we pride ourselves on giving it to you straight. So, we’re going to highlight some of the key benefits of MitoBurn according to what NNB posted on their website.


1.     Decrease Body Fat & Improve Body Composition


Any time you’re looking to recomp or change your overall body composition, you need to decrease your body fat levels. This can be easier said than done, but with the help of MitoBurn, you can help improve fat oxidation and convert white adipose tissue into metabolically active brown.


2.     Improve Carbohydrate Tolerance & Insulin Sensitivity


A surefire way to see the number on the scale go up is by your body not properly managing carbohydrates and blood sugar. The constant spiking of insulin when consuming carbs and cause your body to store unwanted body fat and slow down your ability to effectively burn body fat. MitoBurn supports blood glucose control to improve overall glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity.


3.     Increase Exercise-Like Results without Exercising


When you can reduce the amount of white adipose tissue in your body and convert it into brown adipose tissue, you can ignite your fat-burning potential even while at rest. Because brown adipose tissue is metabolically active, it can help you burn calories even when you’re not exercising. MitoBurn can help with the browning of white adipose tissue to help support your weight management and physique goals.


4.     Promote Anti-Aging, Mitochondrial Function, & Cellular Energy


Cellular health should be a major concern of yours, especially as you age. If your cells are constantly being damaged, are under attack, or dying, it can cause health issues and can cause your metabolism to take a nosedive. MitoBurn helps promote cellular health and energy by improving mitochondrial functioning.


5.     Increase Ketones


When it comes to burning fat, many people try to hit ketosis. While MitoBurn doesn’t directly put you into ketosis, it does help increase ketones in the body, which can promote heightened cognition, reduced appetite, and enhanced muscle protection.


The Carnitine & MitoBurn Combo is Straight Fire


With everything mentioned in this article, it’s going to be hard to pass up on the benefits that carnitine and MitoBurn create when combined. The compounding fat-burning effects you achieve through this matrix of powerful ingredients are like unlocking the door to potentially limitless weight loss.


If you want to get in on one of the hottest fat-burning matrixes in the industry, try a bottle of MuscleSport CarniShred + MitoBurn today!

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