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Do You REALLY Need a Pre-Workout Supplement Before Training?

Do You REALLY Need a Pre-Workout Supplement Before Training?

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There are plenty of people out there who say there’s no need to train with a pre-workout in order to get results. And they’re not wrong. You could certainly load up on carbs to enhance energy levels and consume various foods that can positively affect your workout. However, there are many reasons why someone would want to incorporate a pre-workout supplement into their routine. 

If you’re someone who thinks they can get away with skipping a pre-workout supplement and have no interest in using the power of a quality pre-workout supplement, that’s great. You can move along, and we’ll catch you in the next article, or you could read the article and possibly gain additional knowledge that leads you to understand some additional benefits you may not get from food that will cause you to want to start incorporating them into your training sessions.

Let’s dive into some of the benefits you can experience by using a pre-workout supplement and why they are advantageous to enhance your results.

preworkout absorption

1. A pre-workout supplement is faster to absorb than food

Consuming a pre-workout meal can provide benefits, assuming you have ample time between your meal and workout. To benefit, you should consume a meal containing carbohydrates 3-4 hours prior to your training session. This allows the body enough time to break down and absorb the nutrients to be used during your workout.

On the other hand (or even as an addition to a pre-workout meal), using a pre-workout supplement allows you the ability to consume the product around 30 minutes prior to a workout to gain the benefits. Due to the pre-workout being in a liquid form, it’s much easier and faster for the body to absorb everything in the pre-workout formula.

This can help cut down on your pre-workout planning by not having to eat something within the 3-4 hour window in order to gain any energy benefits.

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2. You can get greater increases in energy

One of the biggest reasons people use a pre-workout supplement is for an energy boost. Many pre-workouts are loaded with stimulants to help you push through grueling training sessions without hitting the wall halfway through. They also have the benefit of “feeling” the product working with the added stimulatory effects. 

You’ll find most pre-workouts containing a popular ingredient called caffeine, which is typically dosed anywhere from 200-400mg per serving. This seems to be the sweet spot to get the response people are looking for. Added energy can take you from a long and exhausting day and allow you to get in a good workout that can move you closer to the results you desire.


3. Better focus can improve your reps and sets

Focus is an area that seems to be overlooked in a stim-heavy pre-workout supplement. It’s difficult to maximize your effort when your mind isn’t in it. As they say, “Where the mind goes, the body follows.” Achieving a solid mind-muscle connection can mean the difference between going through the motions and thinking you got in a good workout and actually feeling the contraction of each rep of every set to further help tear down muscle fibers and promote hypertrophy — there’s a drastic difference.

Utilizing nootropics and focus-driven ingredients in a pre-workout supplement can help you get dialed in and stay motivated throughout the workout without your mind drifting into la-la land. You want to get in the gym, destroy your workout, and get out. Wasting time between sets or not being focused will only slow you down and waste your valuable time. 

muscle pumps

4. Improved blood flow supports nutrient transport and muscle pumps

Who doesn’t love a good muscle pump? The kind that makes it feel like your skin is about to tear and your muscles are going to burst. Everyone wants to test the limit of how strong the seams of their clothing are by achieving mind-blowing pumps. Well, there’s more to a pump than just the feeling you get and the visual you see in the mirror.

The purpose of a muscle pump is to dilate the blood vessels and improve blood flow to the working muscles. When vasodilation occurs, blood can more easily be transported throughout the body to enhance nutrient transport. Having the ability to shuttle key nutrients to the muscles aid in your overall workout performance. And when you have more blood rushing to the muscles and into the cells, it causes a swelling effect that we know as a muscle pump. 

A pre-workout supplement that includes nitric oxide-boosting ingredients can help you attain enhanced blood flow and pumps.

Additionally, better blood flow allows for more oxygen to be transported to the muscle, which can improve muscular endurance and reduce fatigue. This entire process also helps remove waste byproducts from the muscle, such as lactic acid, which produces a burning sensation in your muscles — causing you to potentially end your set early and minimize your results.

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5. An increase in muscle strength and endurance may allow you to push harder and further

Another benefit of using a pre-workout supplement is that you can experience an increase in strength as well as endurance. Each workout, you should focus on progressively overloading the muscle where you’re providing the muscles with a greater stimulus than the previous workout. This process can more easily be optimized through the use of a pre-workout supplement that contains ingredients that support increases in strength and muscle endurance.

To get the best results possible, increase your performance, and optimize your training protocol, strength and endurance are crucial. If you’re doing the same workouts every week, you’ll probably notice you’re not seeing any progress and may assume you have hit a plateau. In actuality, what’s happening is that you’re sandbagging your workouts and are unable to push harder and further than last time. This is precisely where a pre-workout supplement can come in and be a real asset.

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Better Ingredients… Better Results

You could take a standard pre-workout supplement that includes caffeine, some creatine, sprinkle in a little citrulline malate, and call it a day. Sure, you may get some benefits from such a profile, but wouldn’t you want the best results possible? Research is always being done, and formulations are constantly evolving and improving.

MuscleSport is always on the cutting edge of new ingredients, and their Rhino BLACK Pre-Workout V2 is loaded with fully-dosed ingredients that are backed by science. If there’s one pre-workout supplement that you need to try, this is it. You may never use anything else ever again — that’s how potent the formula is.

Rhino BLACK Pre-Workout V2 utilizes three different complexes to optimize your performance and maximize your results — Nitric Oxide Recycling Complex, Cellular Energy Complex, and Mental Stimulation and Focus Complex. 

The specific formula used in this hard-hitting pre-workout supplement includes four powerful patented ingredients along with accessory ingredients that together provide a compounding effect to positively affect your workout performance.

With MuscleSport Rhino BLACK Pre-Workout V2, you can experience insane muscle pumps, improved blood flow, a steady surge of energy, heightened mental focus, amplified strength, and enhanced muscular endurance. If you want to train harder, longer, and move closer to reaching your fitness and physique goals, there’s nothing else you’ll want in your gym bag. Try it for yourself!

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  • Larry Joe
    Larry JoeNovember 08, 2022

    Best Supplement On Market

  • Larry Joe
    Larry JoeNovember 08, 2022

    I Been In Gym 20 Years The Supplement Game Just Gets Better Finding Muscle Sport
    And Tryed Rhino Wow Insane Good Made My Ears Stand Up Got Me Hooked On Preworkout .. Best Supplements On The Market I Live By Preworkout Supplements The Rhino Broke My Monster Habit Rhino Stays With Me All Dawg Amazing Pump

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