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Should You Consider a Pre-Workout Over an Energy Drink?

Should You Consider a Pre-Workout Over an Energy Drink?

Let’s just call a spade a spade… the energy drink category is booming. There’s absolutely no denying that fact. Everywhere you look, there’s an energy drink in the cooler or on the shelf. Both men and women are flocking to these caffeine-filled beverages as if they were pure liquid gold. But where does that leave your pre-workout?

There’s no mistaking the fact that both men and women love their pre-workout before hitting a training session, but even then, there seems to be a struggle as to if they are going to reach for their favorite pre-workout powder or snatch the grab-and-go option of an energy drink.

In this article, let’s unpack this dilemma and better understand whether you should consider a pre-workout or energy drink throughout the

preworkout ingredients matter

Pre-Workout vs. Energy Drink: Why Ingredients Matter

When you look at energy drinks today, for the most part, they all have the same main ingredients. Sure, you may have a few outliers, but for the most part, the typical energy drink you’d grab from a cooler or refrigerator will contain caffeine, taurine, and B vitamins. Perhaps some will have nootropics or amino acids fairy-dusted into the formula but nothing in any sort of efficacious dose (which is a shame).

Far too many people believe the claims they see on the label of an energy drink but fail to look at the label where the ingredient is buried in the ingredient list, meaning there isn’t really much in the product to provide any real benefit. Or worse, they actually show you how much is in the can, and the amount is so small that it’s almost insulting.

While there’s nothing wrong with having a concise list of ingredients in an energy drink, as they do serve a purpose, the question becomes, is the juice really worth the squeeze? After all, the main reason for drinking one is strictly for the energy benefits, right? 

So, is there a better option that is more cost-effective and provides added benefits (by using properly dosed ingredients)? Most people fail to realize that while an energy drink may taste good, you’re paying for the convenience of a liquid caffeine source (newsflash, caffeine isn’t really an expensive raw material).

What about a pre-workout? When you look at a pre-workout formulation, you’re going to find that there’s a lot more to it than just energy ingredients, as you would find in your standard energy drink. Not only that, but there is a considerable gap in the price as well.

Just about any powdered pre-workout you see today will be under $2 per serving. Look around at the prices of energy drinks, and even if you purchase them by the case, you’re typically going to be spending more than $2 (in fact, many of the most popular energy drinks that you’ll find in the hands of consumers will cost you between $24 and $32 per case of 12 cans). If you buy an energy drink per can at a convenience store, gas station, or local gym, you’ll pay around $3 per can. 

Now, you may look at the high-end cost of a pre-workout and the low-end of an energy drink and think they are fairly similar. But that’s where ingredients matter.

When you compare a pre-workout to an energy drink, the formulations are night and day different. An energy drink typically contains stimulants (with some other ingredients sprinkled in to look good as a call-out on the label), and that’s about it. You’re not going to get much else in terms of benefits without drastically driving the price up. A powdered pre-workout, on the other hand, is much more cost-effective and contains a broader spectrum of benefits.

Looking at a pre-workout, you’re going to get ingredients that fall under many different performance categories. You’ll get nootropics and mental focus ingredients in a profile, vasodilator/pump ingredients, stimulants, muscle recovery and growth, and much more. There’s more to a pre-workout than you’ll find in an energy drink (and at a better value as well). But how do you plan on using the product?


Do You Strictly Need Energy or Also Performance Enhancement?

If you’re fine with spending the money on a convenience item that is very narrow in its benefits, by all means, grab your favorite energy drink. But if you want something that checks multiple boxes and provides more benefits throughout the day, your favorite powdered pre-workout will win all day long.

Again, we’re looking at overall benefits in this section, and when you look at an energy drink, it tends to be just that — energy. Sure, it’s the cool thing to be drinking these days, but what if you could gain some added benefits to support your mental and physical performance versus just energy?

So, where does a powdered pre-workout come into play? Honestly, wherever it’s needed. The use of a pre-workout powder is multifaceted and can be used in many different scenarios and situations. Let’s explain this further.

When you wake up in the morning, you not only need the energy to tackle the day, but you could also use some cognitive enhancement to stay sharp, right? You’d much rather get up and after it than search for the willpower to even walk out the door, no? A powdered pre-workout can shine in that instance. Let’s not forget to mention using a pre-workout in the morning (even if you use a half serving) will provide way more energy and benefits than that $5 cup of coffee that you waited in line 10 minutes for — along with all of the added sugar and fat that you don’t need.

What about that midday funk where your energy and focus went right down the tubes? A pre-workout can step in to provide you with the boost in energy, focus, and cognition you need to end the day strong and be as productive as possible. 

How about getting ready for a workout? Can your energy drink give you an intense pump, enhance focus for a solid mind-muscle connection, boost endurance, support recovery, and help build lean muscle mass? Nope, it can’t do that. But your powdered pre-workout can. 

A pre-workout can be used as the ultimate any-time-of-day supplement. And best of all, today’s pre-workouts taste delicious. Pour a little water into a cup or shaker bottle, add a scoop or two of your go-to pre-workout, shake it up or stir, slam it down the hatch, and you’re off to the races. 

preworkout vs an energy drink

Is a Pre-Workout or Energy Drink a Better Purchase?

I know what my answer here would be, but the answer to this question truly comes down to your personal preference. But if you’re looking for the best bang for your buck where you can stretch your dollar further, along with a better overall formula and benefits, an energy drink will never really match up or compete with a quality powdered pre-workout formula. 

Speaking of which, if you’re in the market for a potent pre-workout that has many benefits and won’t break the bank, check out the line-up of MuscleSport pre-workouts

You have everything from the tried-and-true Rhino Rampage to the powerful Rhino BLACK Pre-Workout V2 to the ultra-potent Attack pre-workout. 

MuscleSport even has specific pump-inducing caps with Rhino Rampage PUMPED to strictly focus on overall performance and crazy muscle pumps. 

If focus and energy are what you’re after in a pre-workout powder, you can’t beat Flow State Energize — the ultimate supplement to get you dialed in regardless of if it’s a workout in the gym, gaming with friends, looking to ace a big test, or working towards that promotion at work.

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  • DG

    Thanks so much for the cost breakdown! I’ve been using cheap-ish energy drinks instead of pre-workout for a while, all in the name of price. I was just reading an article that convinced me that pre-workout would benefit me way more ( if you’re interested) but was still hesitant to slap down the cash for a $60 tub. But honestly…it IS $2 a pop when I do the math. It feels more expensive upfront, but will save me money in the long run. Thanks for the perspective!

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