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3 Fasted Cardio Tips to Get Better Results Today
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3 Fasted Cardio Tips to Get Better Results Today

3 Fasted Cardio Tips to Get Better Results Today

Some people love fasted cardio, others find they don’t lose any more fat than they would doing something like HIIT cardio. Here’s the deal: there is no one thing that works for everyone. If that were true, it would be so much easier to get results, right? Everyone could do the same workout and look great, no? But that’s a pipedream.


According to the CDC, over 60% of American adults are overweight, and over 40% of adults are considered obese. Clearly, poor nutrition is a factor in these shocking statistics, but so is a lack of physical activity.


Ultimately, Americans need to move MORE. Get more physically active, lift weights, engage in a form of cardio, and get adequate rest (a minimum of seven hours each night).


If you’re looking in the mirror and don’t exactly like the shape or condition you’re in, fasted cardio may be your solution if it’s something you will adhere to and be able to stay consistent with.


Note: It is recommended that you consult with your doctor before starting any exercise program or using any supplement to ensure you are healthy enough to do so and do not have any health concerns that could become intensified through the inclusion of strenuous activity or the possibility of a supplement interacting with any medications you may be on or exacerbating any medical condition you may have.


What is Fasted Cardio?


Fasted cardio is a weight loss technique used by many where they engage in a low to moderate-intensity form of cardio on an empty stomach.


Generally, fasted cardio tends to be done first thing in the morning after waking up in a fasted state (when you sleep, you haven’t had a meal for several hours). However, if you are in a fasted state in the afternoon or evening, you can also see benefits from engaging in fasted cardio during those times.


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The goal of fasted cardio is to pull energy from fat stores rather than from carbohydrates while insulin and glycogen levels are low. It is said that when both are elevated, it can be difficult for the body to start oxidizing and breaking down body fat to use as an energy source.


Some individuals like to combine their fasted cardio with an intermittent fasting routine (this is optional). Ultimately, individuals will fast for around 18 hours, and within that period, they will fit in a fasted cardio session to help improve fat loss.


Typical fasted cardio sessions last anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on your goals, how quickly you would like to lose weight and body fat, and your current fitness level. If your cardiovascular conditioning isn’t the best, try to start on the lower end and work your way up.


What Does the Research Say About Fasted Cardio?


Here’s where the lines tend to get a little blurry. There’s research published that is both for and against fasted cardio. Again, this goes back to what was initially stated in the opening of this article that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to weight loss. Fasted cardio may work for you but not for me, or vice versa. Ultimately, it’s very personal to each individual whether their body responds well to fasted cardio or not. The only way to know for sure is to try it for yourself.


While the research has been conflicting, there have been some studies that looked at fasted cardio and determined that doing fasted cardio after sleeping can allow you to burn upwards of 20% more body fat than cardio done in a fed state.


Another study found that fasted cardio in the morning could also increase VO2max.


But again, we need to be fully transparent and also not neglect the fact that there is also research out there saying fasted cardio doesn’t aid in fat loss at all. So, the only way to truly know if it will be beneficial for YOU is to try it for yourself and find out. I don’t want to put this article out there and have you thinking that fasted cardio is the end-all-be-all and that if you want to get shredded, it’s the only form of cardio you should consider.


3 Fasted Cardio Tips


If you want to help improve your results with your fasted cardio sessions, try out some of the tips below and see if you feel more energized, more focused, and more easily able to get through your fasted cardio session without dreading every second.


  1. Drink a Cup of Coffee Before Cardio


Do you love your morning cup of coffee? Of course you do! Most people joke that they can’t function until they have a cup of coffee, and in this instance, it’s the perfect pre-fasted cardio hack.


The key is to have your coffee black or with a sugar substitute. Do not add milk, sugar, creamer, or flavored syrups to your coffee, or you will break your fast.


So, why should you drink coffee before fasted cardio? Well, first off, why not? Coffee is good before just about any activity. But in the case of fasted cardio, the caffeine content found in your cup of delicious coffee can actually help increase the number of calories you burn during your session as well as throughout the day.


Now, go pour yourself another cup of Joe… because science.


But you can also save your cup of coffee for after your fasted cardio to be used as a reward system. After a brutal fasted cardio session, grab your coffee and add in some MuscleSport Collagen Peptides to start your morning with a splash of deliciousness. 


  1. Fasted Cardio Helps Control Appetite


When you think of weight loss, what’s the one area where most people fail? It’s with their daily caloric intake, right? Most people overeat and put themselves in a caloric surplus – even when dieting! Why is that? It’s because when in a caloric deficit, many find themselves hungry throughout the day, which causes them to consistently be snacking without tracking their calories.


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This can be disastrous and is the main reason why many individuals should use a tracker like MyFitnessPal to keep themselves held accountable for hitting their macronutrients as well as micronutrients for the day.


Something that fasted cardio has been shown to help with is controlling appetite and helping people, on average, consume around 400 calories less than normal. This can be a great weight loss strategy to help you better control hunger levels and prevent overeating.


  1. Add MuscleSport CarniShred + MitoBurn with Your Fasted Cardio


If you’re doing fasted cardio first thing in the morning, the last thing you want to do is utilize a fat burner that will take nearly an hour to get into your system (that’s just wasted time in the morning). Instead, you should use a product like MuscleSport CarniShred + MitoBurn, which is a powerful liquid non-stim fat burner that can pack a punch soon after consumption. With three delicious new flavors being added to the lineup, the decision to pick just one might be hard!


CarniShred + MitoBurn contains potent and patented ingredients that can help you burn fat and get you closer to achieving your weight loss goals. In fact, CarniShred + MitoBurn is the perfect fasted cardio companion as it helps your body utilize body fat as an energy source.


This unique fat-burning catalyst can take your morning fasted cardio sessions to new heights thanks to some specifically chosen patented ingredients such as MitoBurnô, CaloriBurn®, and CapsiAtraô.


No longer will body fat be your enemy. Show it who’s boss by adding MuscleSport CarniShred + MitoBurn to your morning fasted cardio sessions!

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